Drizzt's Swords
Drizzt's Swords Drizzt's Swords Drizzt's Swords
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Drizzt's Swords

11x24/300: Digital: 2002
©Wizards of the Coast

These are the drawings I did for the productions of Drizzt’s blades, Isingdeath and Twinkle, and which I refer to when I render them in paintings. You can see that they’re not identical. You can also see what I intended the runes to say; the swords that you may own say something else: "Isingdeath" and "Twinkle" on one side, though backwards, and on the reverse, as near as I can translate from the Espruar, "Coldglory" (not too bad) and "Vichtory." (oops)

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