Between Dethoc and a Hard Case
Unfettered Unfettered Unfettered Unfettered Unfettered Unfettered
Between Dethoc and a Hard Case Dweoler Entreat the Angels Seraph of the Dawn Charon's Claw Shannara–Wards of Faerie Unfettered The Nature of Dragons Niv Mizzet Dracogenius The Last Threshold Forgeling Champion Bloodfire Quest The Witch Wraith Sky March


12x18/300: Digital: 2012
©Todd Lockwood

This anthology is dear to me in many ways. First of all, the proceeds go to benefit a good friend with cancer bills to pay. But also, I have a short story in this book, set in the world of my upcoming novel, to be released by DAW Books at a date yet to be determined. Here, I get to share the stage with so many great authors that I have to pinch myself when I think about it...

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