Premium Prints

Ink jet technology has really advanced in a few short years. The Epson 4800 that I am using now is a truly amazing machine. It uses a piezoelectric crystal technology that is very accurate and, unlike a bubblejet printer, allows for the use of truly archival inks. It prints with Epson’s Ultrachrome K3 Inks, in eight colors: three shades of black, two of cyan, two of magenta, and yellow. This gives excellent color reproduction. Epson has tested the life of these inks to 100+ years if they’re printed on the correct paper and are properly cared for. I am using Epson’s own papers exclusively in part because they are specifically designed to work well with their inks, but mostly because they are very, very nice. I am really impressed with the quality of Epson’s paper products.

The premium prints are now offered in three sizes: 8.5×11, Standard, and Large. The 8.5×11 Prints are produced on their Premium Semigloss Photo Paper. This eliminates that annoying shine that can make Gloss Paper so difficult to look at, while offering the sharpest reproduction of my tightly detailed paintings — all the more important when they are reduced to this size.

The Standard and Large Premium Prints are printed on Epson’s Premium Semi Matte Photo Paper. It’s very similar to the Semi-gloss in that there is almost no glare off of the surface to interfere with viewing the art, especially important if the print will be behind glass (as it should be). This is wonderful paper; it has a nice feel to the touch, and is thick and durable.

The Standard and Large Premium Prints are both printed off of a roll 16 inches wide. The Standard Prints use 16” as the long dimension, so the short dimension will vary from 9 to 14 inches, as a general rule, depending on the image. The Large Premium Prints use 16 as the short dimension, so some wide, shallow images, like the Spider Queen, will print as large as 16 x 40!

The reproduction on all of these is superb. Truthfully, the nicest reproduction I have seen of my work.

8.5×11 Prints are $15.00 each
Standard Prints are $30 each
Large Prints are $60 each

The Premium Prints are not suitable for remarques.

All are signed and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve, in a stout mailing tube.