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  • Carnival


    18x24: Oils: 1999
    Original: In the collection of Steve Miller
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    The Ravenloft line in D&D always provided me with great imagery. This was the cover for an adventure about a dark and twisted carnival...

  • Castle Spulzeer / Forgotten Castle


    Castle Spulzeer / Forgotten Terror
    18x24: Oils: 1997
    Original: $1000
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    An interesting exercise... one which I hope never to repeat in oils. The second detail from the right is the base art, done in oils on masonite. The main image here, The Castle Spulzeer, and the second detail from the left, The Forgotten Terror, show how it was adapted with further painting done on acetate overlays to create two companion pieces for two related products that crossed product boundaries.

  • Cat's Eyes

    from $15.00

    Cat's Eyes
    12x18/300dpi: Digital: 2004
    ©Todd Lockwood

    Second cover in the Obsidian Trilogy Series by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, for the book To Light a Candle. The detail on the left shows how the character appears on the book, with horns. Prints will be shipped of the image without horns unless you specify otherwise.

  • Cerberus

    from $15.00

    13x17: Graphite: 1994
    Original: In the collection of Todd and Rita Lockwood
    ©Todd Lockwood

    No image had a greater impact on my career than this one. People remembered it and called me. Frankly, it scared the crap out of me if I thought too long about what i'd created.

  • Challenges


    8x10/300dpi: Digital: 2001
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    Cover for the book of tricks and traps with which to kill your player characters. Lidda, Ember, and Krusk have bitten off a bit more than they can chew. Thank goodness they have contracts!

  • Chaos Spawn

    from $15.00

    Chaos Spawn
    18x24: Oils: 2000
    Original: In the collection of Pat and Jeannie Wilsire
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    One of the very last Dragonlance module covers, before 3rd Edition was released and Dragonlance was relegated only to novels. The Good Guys and the Bad Guys have teamed up to eliminate a larger threat...

  • Charon's Claw

    from $15.00

    Charon's Claw
    17x23/300dpi: Digital: 2012
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    Drizzt, Guen, teifling with
    naughty sword, bad guys.
    Let the mighty rumpus begin!

  • Conspirator

    from $15.00

    14x22.5/300dpi: Digital: 2009
    ©Todd Lockwood

    Cover for "Conspirator," by CJ Cherryh.

  • Convergence

    from $15.00

    12x18/300dpi: Digital: 2017
    ©Todd Lockwood

    Cover for the book of the same name by C.J. Cherryh. Convergence is the eighteenth book in C.J. Cherryh's beloved Foreigner space opera series.

  • Copper Dragon

    from $15.00

    Copper Dragon
    8.5x11: Digital: 2000
    ©Wizards of the Coast

  • Crescents (A.K.A Enemy Glory)


    Crescents (A.K.A. Enemy Glory)
    18x27: Oils: 1999
    Original: $4000
    ©Todd Lockwood

    The main character in this story was marked by the goddess Hecate with a crescent moon in his palm. His world came to be ruled by her, and so the composition is ruled by crescent shapes.

  • Cruel Ultimatum

    from $15.00

    Cruel Ultimatum
    12x16/300: Digital: 2012
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    Magic: The Gathering art. From the Commander 2013 set.

  • Cry Havoc

    from $15.00

    Cry Havoc
    10x18.5/300dpi: Digital: 2004
    ©Malhavoc Press

    Sue and Monte Cook are putting out some of the best game product available for fans of D&D, so I am always happy when we get to work together.

  • Crying Shame, Said the Wuz


    Crying Shame, Says the Wuz
    14x15: Acrylics: 1995
    Original: In the collection of Michael Hubbartt ©Todd Lockwood

    Michael Hubbartt is the Wuz. I is the Iz.

  • Crypt Angel

    from $15.00

    Crypt Angel
    18 x 20: Oils: 1999
    Original Under Contract
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    From the Invasion set. I see her as counterpart to the Angel of Light.

  • Crystal Rain

    from $15.00

    Crystal Rain
    15x20/300dpi: Digital: 2005
    ©Todd Lockwood

    For the book by Tobias Buckell.

  • Crystal Shard

    from $15.00

    Crystal Shard
    20x16/300dpi: Digital: 2004
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    And here's Drizzt again! but this time in the company of his buddies Wulfgar and Bruenor.

  • Cunning Breezedancer

    from $15.00

    Cunning Breezedancer
    9x13/300: Digital: 2015
    ©Wizards of the Coast

  • Cyclops

    from $15.00

    9x13/300: Digital: 2005
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    From the Ravnica world of Magic: The Gathering. He is one of the leaders of the violent and feral red/green coalition.

  • Dancer of Dusk & Dancer of Dawn

    from $15.00

    Dancer of Dusk (L)
    Dancer of Dawn (R)
    8x11/300: Digital: 2003
    ©Kosmos Verlag

    Sisters of the half-light. The detail images show them the way they were originally presented. Kosmos Verlag finally felt like I had pushed things a little too far and requested a little more chaste application of straps and clothing.

  • Dark Shamaness

    from $15.00

    Dark Shamaness
    8.5x11/300dpi: Digital: 2005
    ©Wizards of the Coast

    Concept art from the Ravnica world of Magic: The Gathering, the dark elves in Ravnica are scavengers of a grisly sort.

  • Darkling

    from $15.00

    16x24/300dpi: Digital: 2009
    ©Todd Lockwood

    Cover for "Darkling Fields of Arvon," by Jim Anderson by Mark Sebanc.

  • Darkness Falls

    from $15.00

    Darkness Falls
    13x20/300dpi: Digital: 2005
    ©Todd Lockwood

    For the novel "When Darkness Falls," by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, from TOR books.

  • Daughter of the Drow

    from $15.00

    Daughter of the Drow
    18x27: Oils: 2001
    Original: $4000 ©Wizards of the Coast

    Cover for the first book in the Starlight and Shadows series, Daughter of the Drow, by Elaine Cunningham. I spent many enjoyable hours on the phone with Elaine, picking her wonderful brain for details and symbols. Especially note the spiders and webs (as in her hair-weave) symbolizing her allegiance to the spider goddess, Lolth.