“The master of dragon art brings the same skills to dragon storytelling. This is a compelling, fully realized story which is as detailed and exciting as anything since the Pern tales. A sure winner.”
— Terry Brooks, Author of the Shannara Tales

How could I not lead with that blurb?

My debut novel releases May 3rd, 2016. I’ve finished final edits, but the cover art is done, the jacket design is in. All that remains is a look at the galleys for final minor mistakes, and then it’s entirely in the bag.

You can pre-order it now, either on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or if you want it signed, from the Signed Page (my personal recommendation).

So, you say, you’re a writer now too?

The truth is, I learned to draw by telling myself stories in comic book form. I grew up writing and drawing, drawing and writing. Art gained the momentum when it started paying my bills, but I spent the better part of the last decade polishing the other craft—attending workshops, reading all the books on plot and narrative and style. Strengthening my good habits and exorcising the bad ones. I’m fortunate to be able to bring it full circle, to come back to my beginnings, back to what I always enjoyed doing—telling stories and making pictures.

“The Summer Dragon, First Book of The Evertide,” begins a trilogy. It tells the story of Maia, whose family raises dragons for the political war machine, and her search for meaning in a world that is crumbling around her.

It features twenty-one interior illustrations, including three maps. I painted the cover and directed the design of the typography. It’s my baby, from front to back. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing and illustrating it.

Here’s what other readers have said about The Summer Dragon:


“It’s no surprise that Todd Lockwood can build a wonderful setting and world—he does it with his art all the time. But what strikes me about The Summer Dragon is that, using words instead of his paintbrush, Todd builds characters you care about, laugh with and cheer for. And, wonderfully, we have here a powerful female lead.”
— R.A. Salvatore, Author of DemonWars and The Legend of Drizzt


“The world of The Evertide is beautifully wrought and the characters–particularly our heroine Maia—masterfully realized. A strong female lead, an ancient evil, a believable cultural backdrop, and a magnificent brood of dragons. Who could ask for more! Bravo, Mr. Lockwood!”
—Lou Anders, author of Frostborn and Nightborn


“THE SUMMER DRAGON offers a welcome new take on the dragon-riding genre. Todd Lockwood’s dragons come to life on the page: more than animals, different from humans, and beautifully plausible without losing their fantastic touch.”
—Marie Brennan, Author of The Natural History of Dragons


“Renowned artist Todd Lockwood shares his debut novel at last, a written work as vivid as the dragons he so loves to paint.”
—Shawn Speakman, Author of The Dark Thorn


“Packed with action and fully-developed characters, both human and scaly, The Summer Dragon is a dragon for all seasons.”
—Alan Dean Foster, author of Star Wars: The Force Awakens